I’m usually pretty discipline about staying away from sweets…..

Oh, who the hell am I kidding? I’m a fat a$$- currently, but not for long, and that’s not the point.

I went to Costco and there they were, the pumpkin pies.

I’m usually under control with any pumpkin pie, except Costco’s.

I was under a spell that could only be broken once a decent size slice of Costco’s pumpkin pie fed my face.

Word to the wise, is large, delicious and less than 6 bucks.

Aztk Prncss by Shiloh Hunter

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Are you participating? Like, how?

Lay off the sugar, and the sweet tea; get screened.

I’m good, just a little bit of on the fat side and not for long.

Are you?

Aztk Prncss by Shiloh Hunter

(C) Copyright. All rights reserved.

MUAHAHAHAHAHA (sinister laugh)

Yay, Halloween is here, despite the Santa Clauses near the cash registers. I forgot my costume, and I can’t find my Midnight Blue lipstick.

I found some stickers for my face and my Saphire Siren lipstick from Maybelline. It is what it is.

I must make a Monster gathering tonight before midnight and I just don’t think I have time to go get my costume……….

Aztk Prncss by Shuloh Hunter

(C) Copyright. All rights reserved.