Football Snob

“Who needs to lose or win for the Dallas Cowboys to make it to the Superbowl?” I asked in a somber voice based on the sad news I heard about the COWBOYS. What? No! Dak’s hand is ok. It’s not broken and if it was, do you think Jerry Jones will let us disclose that? Hell to the No, No.

“Don’t worry about that, this is the AFC,” a football snob answered.

My Inner Child: “Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, don’t engage. Do not engage.”

Also me: Bitch, I know this is the AFC, but I’m not talking about the Chiefs! I distinctly said, COWBOYS. Let me spell it out 4 u. N F C!

My Inner Child: She’s going to drag me to hell with her. :/

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I Woke up like this…..

I woke up like this: Dallas Cowboys 38 Washington 14, Michael Flynn pleads guilty to lying to the FBI, and legal folk and or Oval office, “Michael Flynn is an administrator for the Obama administration and a proven liar.


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Busy Bee

Too busy to chat, but I didn’t forget about you. I took a dancing class yesterday. They cost just as much as Zumba classes, if you pay monthly…

Ok, mine was a good price but the class was 3 hours. It included 1.5 hours of dancing instruction( hands on, it wasn’t a PowerPoint) followed by social dancing. No, it was not at a club. 10,000 steps.

Yay!!!! The Cowboys play

tonight……it’s being recorded.

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Next Episode in 5, 4, 3

That’s how I spent the weekend, watching The Punisher, a Netflix original-Marvel productions. I’m the type of person that will do sequels, but I’m not a fan of any series. This series, however, got me hooked since the pilot, so now I’m waiting on Season 2.

In the mean time, it’s time to get back to health and fitness, because I survived 13.1. Now, I must conquer it.

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Denver, WT_?

WTF, Denver? Like seriously? ZERO? WTF?

I don’t watch the Fake News, I mean the Fox channel, so when it was time to catch the game, for the life of me, I could not find the Dallas Cowboys game. The weird thing is that I could not find it at the Gym either? That was weird?

So I ended up watching the Denver game. WTF, Denver? Like, WTF? ZERO? SERIOUSLY?

It was too painful to watch, that I could not even do my workout. I had to comeback to the gym once Atlanta got on the field. They did not do much better. Maybe is me?

Choosing loser boys, I mean teams, LOL.

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Movie Night

If you have ever been in love, this ovie is definitely for you.

I have been dying to see it. The new movie with Kate Winslet, The Mountain Between Us. It started good, but the end was a classic Hollywood ending- UGHHHH.

It’s a chick flick ….

I hate chick flicks.  I hated the ending too.

However, If you have ever been in love, this movie is definitely for you.  Sad but true, it is definitely not for me.

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What’s Worse Than The Cowboys loss?

I know “The Boys” lost days ago, but I still can’t get over it.

I know, “The Boys” lost days ago, but I still can’t get over it.

Having said that, watching the Nissan Rogue commercial was over kill. The song, “Don’t stop Believing” by Journey is a nice touch. The family of 1 playing Frisbee w small dog then get into the Nissan Rogue SUV and drive into a packed stadium on the background, here you lost me.

The family, SUV, and the dog are badly photo shopped and superimposed into a packed stadium. My head still hurts from watching that commercial over, and over.

Wait a minute,? The gas mileage is 26mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway? Under 25K for a the SUV without any upgrades…. That’s is so doable!

Then the picture of that kid and the fake stadium popped into my head.

Please, make it stop. “/

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