1. Wake up early on off days except Sunday.

2. Exercise for 1 hour x 5 days.

3. Weights 3 times a week.

4. Dance once a week and once for the month.

5. Learn Portuguese and sign language.

7. Hone in your French speaking.

6. Take up Math to the next level.

7. Study GRE.

8. Take GRE in 3 months.

9. Pray more.

10. Publish…….book…..Yeah. You are so ready. “)

11. Incorporate entrepreneurial bizz.

12. Start Masters Program.


“You Drop Your Cheese”

I don’t need to check my bag. I’ll just leave my stuff in the car which is a plus because any one who has run 5K or more knows that everything becomes extremely heavy when running. Sunglasses can feel like 5 pounds. A t- shirt-forget it.

This is a long run, so I packed a lunch because I’m not going for first place. I have 2 KIND bars, cheese sticks, two as well because I like Closure. Get it? Closure as in Mathematics because they’re both even #s?

Anyway, as I passed mile one, I heard from a distance, “You drop your cheese.” I’ve hit the wall before on a 26.2 race, and I never forgot that. I swore that I would never go through that again. One never knows, if the race will have enough volunteers, water posts or goodies throughout the course. Everyone was losing stuff throughout the race, it wasn’t just me and my cheese.

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Waiting For Start Up

As I sat in the car waiting for the 8:30AM race to began, I noticed that not many cars were in the parking lot, and soon anxiety began to kick in. I looked at my number and it read 1715. Are there only 1715 participants and that’s why I don’t see that many cars?

Then another thought kicked in as soon as the other one ended, “Oh, my, you’re going to be in last place if only 1715 people signed up?” I bet your sucking wind now, wishing you would’ve trained better, put more miles into the training, maybe some weight training?”

Then a conscious thought to put all the bitching self talk to rest, “HEY, THE WARRIOR IS LISTENING!” And just like that the voices turned into cheer leaders. That’s right bitches! I am the captain of this ship!

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Denver, WT_?

WTF, Denver? Like seriously? ZERO? WTF?

I don’t watch the Fake News, I mean the Fox channel, so when it was time to catch the game, for the life of me, I could not find the Dallas Cowboys game. The weird thing is that I could not find it at the Gym either? That was weird?

So I ended up watching the Denver game. WTF, Denver? Like, WTF? ZERO? SERIOUSLY?

It was too painful to watch, that I could not even do my workout. I had to comeback to the gym once Atlanta got on the field. They did not do much better. Maybe is me?

Choosing loser boys, I mean teams, LOL.

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Boob Job

Sure, why not?  In order to “go confidently in the direction of my dreams,” I must focus on my goals.  In order to focus on my goals, I have to wear a decent running bra.

I’ve tried to go cheap and the outcome is a not so good work out that does not feel going so confident in the direction of my dreams, and soon I fall off the wagon.

I found these at Target on sale!!!!! They’re Champion brand and those who had venture into the gym and have a minimum of a 34C know that Champion will keep the boobs happy during a moderate to high impact workout.  You look good and feel good.

I should’ve told you this before, but I wanted to stock my work-out wardrobe first before they run out of stock.  The price is 7 to 11 bucks.  Most of the ones I bought were 7 bucks on sale.  I know!!!! Right?  The sale still ongoing.

I also got these….. super excited- 5 bucks! No lie. “)





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Yeap, that’s me. That’s before the shoulder party. I cannot lift my arms for a post shoulder party selfie. :/

I was waiting for a Combat Class at 24hr fitness and I was sure I was in it until I saw people gathering the torture chamber devices like the weight bar, the weights, the stepper, and the yoga mat.shoulder

You know me, I am not a quitter. I’ve never have been one and I really do hate to walk out of exercise classes. So, I put 5 pound weights on each side and proceeded to stay at the Shoulder Party. Folks, I feel like I have the shoulder party flu. Days later, I still feel like S#!!
I couldn’t even run.  Nope could not do it.

So on day 3, I made it to the Body Combat class.  Word to the wise, double up on the sport bra if you’re gifted; wear only one if you aren’t.  Asking someone how you make a fist is probably not the way you want to start the body combat class, but that’s how I did it.  Apparently the thumb goes on the outside of the fist so  you won’t brake it.  fist

As I was walking out of the Body Combat class, I bumped into the shoulder party enthusiasts.  Bye Felicia, I’m done with that shoulder mess.

Bruce Lee’s One Inch Punch

Salsa Pig

S. Hunter

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