Wash And Dry

Laundry is not supposed to be Rocket Science, so what’s up with the quiz?


Temperature just dropped into the 50’s and winds are gushing at over 30 mph. You know what that means? Laundry mat, pronto to wash the heavy blankets. 20171019_1302171391070423.jpgI will survive yet another year in God’s Country, and I will do it better than last year. I super love these. They’re pricey, but the purple ones were on sale. I luv the pink ones the best. Decisions, decisions. Hot or warm? I guess super hot for the white and warm for all others? I dont know? Folks, laundry is not suppose to be Rocket Science, so what’s up with the quizz?

Ohhh, thats a new one? Cash ot Credit at the Laundry mat? YES!!!!! An answered prayer!! Ty, Jesus, Amen!

Did you notice the cash or credit options on the top right?

You have not lived until you have to go to a laundry mat. Others may argue that you have not lived ’till you have to wash and dry by hand. They still do that? This place is nice! It has couches, TV, a place to write this post, and ahhhhhh, KIDS everywhere!!!! Aztk Prncss by Shiloh Hunter (C) Copyright. All rights reserved.