Busy Bee

Too busy to chat, but I didn’t forget about you. I took a dancing class yesterday. They cost just as much as Zumba classes, if you pay monthly…

Ok, mine was a good price but the class was 3 hours. It included 1.5 hours of dancing instruction( hands on, it wasn’t a PowerPoint) followed by social dancing. No, it was not at a club. 10,000 steps.

Yay!!!! The Cowboys play

tonight……it’s being recorded.

Aztk Prncss by Shiloh Hunter. (C)Copyright All rights reserved.



1. Wake up early on off days except Sunday.

2. Exercise for 1 hour x 5 days.

3. Weights 3 times a week.

4. Dance once a week and once for the month.

5. Learn Portuguese and sign language.

7. Hone in your French speaking.

6. Take up Math to the next level.

7. Study GRE.

8. Take GRE in 3 months.

9. Pray more.

10. Publish…….book…..Yeah. You are so ready. “)

11. Incorporate entrepreneurial bizz.

12. Start Masters Program.

“Lets’s Marvin Gaye And Get It On.”

Learning The Rumba has nothing 2 do w age

If this song doesn’t get you intrigued to learn Rumba, nothing will.

It is easy. Draw an imaginary square behind you, and for my girls, start with your right foot back, the left foot follows in a sweeping motion draws a bacwards C to end on the other side of the square.

The right foot meets the left, now do the same thing with the left foot.

Left foot forward, right foot does a C this time but start sweeping motion at the end of the C and end on the other side of the square. By the way, you’re not really sweeping with your foot. You are just going through the motion.

The timing is “slow, quick, quick, slow.” Just repeat it in your head.

Yes there are turns, that’s just the basic step. Oh what the hell, go take a Rumba class after Happy Hour, you will love it “or my name isn’t Orville Redenbacher.”

Who the hell is Orville Redenbacher?

Classes are cheap, no appt necessary, and is better than therapy. Don’t ask “)

Let me know how you do.

Aztc Prncss by Shiloh Hunter

(C) Copyright. All rights reserved.