MUAHAHAHAHAHA (sinister laugh)

Yay, Halloween is here, despite the Santa Clauses near the cash registers. I forgot my costume, and I can’t find my Midnight Blue lipstick.

I found some stickers for my face and my Saphire Siren lipstick from Maybelline. It is what it is.

I must make a Monster gathering tonight before midnight and I just don’t think I have time to go get my costume……….

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Lips Have 2 B Bold for HALLOWEEN

I’ve been looking for a daring and bold color of lipstick for Halloween, and I was shocked to find out that not many companies had anything different than the usual reds, and rose’s. I thought that for sure RIMMEL would have some? They did but in what looked like a lip gloss not so much your classic lip stick,

and then out of left field comes Maybelline! Maybelline? So I bought the 835 Saphire Siren. Oooooo I want the 840 Midnight Blue! Oh, Budget rules, how I hate you.

Ready to be scary bold FOR HALLOWEEN-MUAHAHAHAH (sinister laugh).

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Shout Out To The Electric Co.

Shout out to the electric company for starting the power right before the end of the business day. I was panicking thinking how cold it was going to get on my heavy moisturized face and hands?

Now, back to life……I must learn how to open the garage door in case of an Apocalypse. “)

I have to make changes. The new me. I have to work out, clean the car, buy batteries- a candle, and a flashlight. A toothbrush too- a manual one.

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Is An Apocalypse

I forgot my charger in the car, and was too tired to go get it. I looked at the phone, and it read back a 98% battery. I looked into the Heavens and proclaimed Victory. Aha! One for me down here on Earth. I took a hot shower, brushed my teeth, and moisturized my face, ears, neck and hands for they have just survived an unusual blizzard out of season. No, Hell no! Don’t you blame that on El NiƱo. Don’t you dare! I got into the hot covers, said a prayer or two and went to sleep with the biggest smile on my face to the 98% battery display on my phone. Only to wake up to?

No electricity! How the fuck did that happen? I went into survival mode only to realize that I can’t do much without electricity. I have no batteries, no candles, the garage door……won’t open, and my phone is at 4%. Is an Apocalypse, and I will not make it.

The electric company is pissed so I’m at the bottom of the list and “no can’t do. Pay ur bill on time next time!”

Diner- Black Coffee and Bread- Delicious”)

If this was the Walking Dead…..Me dead, already……

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It’s Deer Season!

“It’s Deer Season,” they said, as I wrap around my scarf and put on my super warm gloves while a kind soul opened the door offering the drizzling rain, a place to warm the fuck up.

There’s this place up the road that fattens up deer and for a fee; you can stay up in a cottage and hunt deer. “They guarantee a kill,” they say.

But thats not what they’re talking about. They want me to not run over the deer on the road. Be it that I already killed a raccoon last week.

It’s a tough crowd, folks. Tough nosey crowd.

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Denver, WT_?

WTF, Denver? Like seriously? ZERO? WTF?

I don’t watch the Fake News, I mean the Fox channel, so when it was time to catch the game, for the life of me, I could not find the Dallas Cowboys game. The weird thing is that I could not find it at the Gym either? That was weird?

So I ended up watching the Denver game. WTF, Denver? Like, WTF? ZERO? SERIOUSLY?

It was too painful to watch, that I could not even do my workout. I had to comeback to the gym once Atlanta got on the field. They did not do much better. Maybe is me?

Choosing loser boys, I mean teams, LOL.

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Wash And Dry

Laundry is not supposed to be Rocket Science, so what’s up with the quiz?

Temperature just dropped into the 50’s and winds are gushing at over 30 mph. You know what that means? Laundry mat, pronto to wash the heavy blankets. 20171019_1302171391070423.jpgI will survive yet another year in God’s Country, and I will do it better than last year. I super love these. They’re pricey, but the purple ones were on sale. I luv the pink ones the best. Decisions, decisions. Hot or warm? I guess super hot for the white and warm for all others? I dont know? Folks, laundry is not suppose to be Rocket Science, so what’s up with the quizz?

Ohhh, thats a new one? Cash ot Credit at the Laundry mat? YES!!!!! An answered prayer!! Ty, Jesus, Amen!

Did you notice the cash or credit options on the top right?

You have not lived until you have to go to a laundry mat. Others may argue that you have not lived ’till you have to wash and dry by hand. They still do that? This place is nice! It has couches, TV, a place to write this post, and ahhhhhh, KIDS everywhere!!!! Aztk Prncss by Shiloh Hunter (C) Copyright. All rights reserved.