Boob Job

Sure, why not?  In order to “go confidently in the direction of my dreams,” I must focus on my goals.  In order to focus on my goals, I have to wear a decent running bra.

I’ve tried to go cheap and the outcome is a not so good work out that does not feel going so confident in the direction of my dreams, and soon I fall off the wagon.

I found these at Target on sale!!!!! They’re Champion brand and those who had venture into the gym and have a minimum of a 34C know that Champion will keep the boobs happy during a moderate to high impact workout.  You look good and feel good.

I should’ve told you this before, but I wanted to stock my work-out wardrobe first before they run out of stock.  The price is 7 to 11 bucks.  Most of the ones I bought were 7 bucks on sale.  I know!!!! Right?  The sale still ongoing.

I also got these….. super excited- 5 bucks! No lie. “)





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Wish List

Sucks to be on a budget.  I have been on it for sometime.  I should’ve mastered it by now, but I just don’t have the incentive to do so.  So, I’m only good at it because of the bottom line.

So, decisions, decisions, decisions.  Lipsticks, I know.  I’m shallow.  Something more meaningful should be on the top of the list, but lipstick?  Really? Yes. Really.

Rimmel makes awesome lipsticks.  They don’t bleed.  They stay on, and the price is 4.97.  I’m looking for a soft shimmery pink.  I found 2.  But I can only buy one now… Mucho Sad.

It’s not only about the cash is about discipline.  Yes, I can have it, however….My budget includes not only how much I can spend but how many of a product.

So I took the “KISS”and it was perfect as to what I was looking for.  “Candy,” I’m coming back for you next month.  “)

OOOOO, what is that?  Boots?  What? Boots are not on the list?!?!? What???

OOOOO, look at this!  What? Not on the list?

Hello Wish List.

U see why I need discipline?

Now, tonight, I will watch Will & Grace, all other shows will play 2nd fiddle.  Decisions, can be so easy when you love what you want, know what you want and won’t settle for anything else.  🙂

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Let the latte games begin

Whimsical, you ask?

Myname is. ..and this is my first Skinny Pumpkin Spice latte.

I’m partial to the freedom of choice, so I chose a green chile bagel, toasted w loads of cream cheese. Even if that meant driving to different locations to complete brunch. Whimsical much, you ask? No, not really. I’m just using the WordPress mobile app for the first time and I resort to comfort foods when trying new things. It’s not like riding a bike, you know.Aztk Prncss by Shiloh Hunter. (C) Copyright, all rights reserved.

The Sun did Rise….just saying.

I know this much, the sun will rise in the East and will set in the West, and eclipses will come and go. 

The Sun Will Rise in the East

Good Morning to us all! The world did not end and having learned lessons from the past, I did not reach out to anyone dear to my heart to say my goodbyes.  One, because I learned my lesson from the “Mayan Calendar” assumptions of the end of earth days and “dos” (that’s Spanish for the #2), because there isn’t anyone worth my time this year.  “)

Me? Cynical?  Not at all.  I just learned the value of my time.  It took a while…. Not sure why?  I’m a smart girl.  Maybe, it was because I was having a good time, wasting it? My time that is.  No, not really and who cares?sunSo, what other lesson did I learn from the latest prophecy of the end of days?  How to spot a phony.  Below is a pic of the phone notifications.  In here you see a tweet of someone trying to arrange an interview with the “researcher” who professed the end of days to be in 2017.  His response was that he could meet the following week.  Wait, what?  LOL, get it?  Look at the tweet below…..phony note


I know this much, the sun will rise in the East and will set in the West, and eclipses will come and go.  eclipseSo, don’t fret if you missed this eclipse, the next one will be August 8th, 2024.  One of the best states to see it is…. Texas.  “)

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The Sky is Falling

Eclipse Warnings On The Highway

Is it?  I don’t know, but according to Sebastian Kettley, it will most certainly end on September 23, 2017 that will be tomorrow.  Should I believe him?


I believed Y2K and nothing happened then.  I was a nervous wreck way back in those days.  I kept thinking all the computerized gadgets were going to stop working.  Nothing happened in Y2K, to me anyway.

Eclipse on August 21, 2017

Then it was the end of the Mayan Calendar.  I read many books on the Mayan Calendar.  I prepared for it and on the advice of a friend, I contacted someone dear to my heart to say my goodbyes.  It was beyond embarrassing to say the least. I was shocked, grateful and embarrassed to wake up the next day that was not on the Mayan Calendar- awkward…..

I had to leave the state to reclaim my self esteem.  Now, I’m facing yet another prophecy. Is tomorrow the end of days?  Apparently a big planet is supposed to crash onto earth tomorrow.

So, what’s my plan?  I’m done with “the sky is falling” prophecies.  I’m in a better place so, if the world ends tomorrow, I have only one regret; the guy I dated last…. Wait! Make that several regrets…. all the guys I dated except for Mario.  He was the best. XO “)

Tonight?  Three online classes, dancing and family and not in that order.


Wait? The world is not ending tomorrow? What? When will it end then?

“The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow”

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Da News- Take 1

da news

Here is what caught my eye while reading the news notifications on the phone.

Nothing to take away from Queen Rania or Mr- Trudeau- Oh la, la to Mr. Trudeau, but the picture that is used is that of Angelina Jolie.  The article has nothing to do with Angelina…. In fairness, the pic of Queen Rania should’ve been used.  Who’s the editor in chief of the phone notifications display?

This is how it showed on the phone notifications- VOGUE- VOGUE- VOGUE.Screenshot_20170920-095406LOL- Folks, this is not Queen Rania.  This is Angelina Jolie or Angelina Joliness as in your highness.  I love her by the way- Angelina. “)

Today’s Queen Rania news is much better, but the article is by Popsugar and is on STYLE magazine.  Now, I’m going to start believing STYLE magazine.  That’s how I roll.  This is a pic of my phone notifications-Screenshot_20170921-123600

Yes, she’s pretty.  NO, I’m not feeling the oversize shirt.  Moving on.

“Cassidy defends health bill against Kimmel.”  I am not a romantic or sentimental in anyway.  I don’t believe in Karma, but as the days go by I can’t help but believe we are all here on a separate journey for a reason.

Jimmy Kimmel’s son had recent heart surgery.  His child needs 2 additional surgeries to say the least.  Jimmy Kimmel has money, but the veil was lifted and he was able to see the importance of Health Insurance for everyone.

So, he is passionate on the subject and has dedicated himself whether he meant to or not to ensure that we have affordable access to care, and to ensure we don’t get penalized for “preexisting conditions.”  I’m going with Jimmy Kimmel on this one.  Here is the UTube video that started this mess, and here is the Utube video this morning.  This is how the notification showed on the phone.Screenshot_20170921-103143

If you are in one of those states, please call today, as in to-day.    And of course, this is the link to Cassidy’s response.  Word to the wise, Cassidy’s lips are moving…

The juice Hollywood gossip; Demi Lavato is not discussing her sexuality.  It’s her prerogative and I say she doesn’t have to, however social media went kray kray and harshly criticized her for it.

I am disclosing mine- Single and looking- Male 30’s and up.  I’m not ruling anyone out.  I’m with Anna Nicole on this one and yes I too will marry for LO V E.  LOL LOL”)  Just saying.”)

I wanted to say my goodbyes, but I could not part without sharing with you the Cyber-bulling efforts by Melania as she gives a speech to the UN.  The dress is hot pink and 3,000 dollars. “Twitter exploded,” here’s the notification on the phone.Screenshot_20170921-134520

I’m not going to judge.  She’s beautiful.  She’s good with fashion, but we all have those days.

There, you are.

You are now updated unless you missed the story about Africa growing a new country over night by the name of Nambia.  Folks, I can’t, I just can’t stop laughing.

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I’m Stuck Now What?

Get up, get with it, get going!  “Do something,” says my left brain.  “Nah, is all rights,”  says my right brain.  I think, I’m going with  my left-brain S-M and Saturdays with my right brain.  So, Goals, Goals, Goals!  Da body is first.

Eat light and clean, exercise, drink water and find something you can scream out of the top of your lungs  that you can be grateful for.   I AM GRATEFUL THAT AMAZON BOUGHT WHOLE FOODS!!!!!!

AmazingSo, I navigated my way through a Whole Foods store where I used to just browse through in the past due to their horrific prices, and I found the produce prices to be doable to say the least.

All other stuff, not so much, Avocado Slicer-6.99.  6.99?gadget but hey, this will help with my GOALS.

However, I think I can find one of these, “flexicados”


cheaper elsewhere or I can learn the sophistication of slicing an avocado.   Oh, shit, more goals….

Right brain- Nah, u can get it on line with free shipping…. LOL Me and my right brain :/

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