There are reasonable concerns that implicate Russia’s involvement in our election. This is voter suppression at a global scale. I don’t care who you voted for and we both can agree that only We The People vote for our president that means no other country. We don’t want a war and we don’t care for consequences if and when that is proven to be true. We just want no interference from any country when America votes to include this year.


I have 4 things to disclose 1.  I am not anti government; 2.  I have supported presidents 100% when I did not vote for them;  3. Mr. Trump has not been elected;  4.  I support Mrs. Clinton 100% from here to eternity and beyond.

The electoral vote is on December 19th 2016.  Trump’s majority of votes were won in states that give him the electoral votes is the best way I can simplify the electoral vote.  Yes, I know everything is big in Texas.  The electoral vote is casted by our elected officials.  However, that does not mean that those elected officials have to cast that vote for Trump.  Their nonverbal communication of parading him around as the President Elect tells us that they will not change their vote and will vote him in.  Their continued efforts to force him upon us with “give him a chance” or “keep an open mind” propagandas by our leaders and celebrities clearly do not represent the views and opinions of the population of America as a whole as evidence by Mrs. Clinton winning the People’s vote- the Popular vote, and the lack of Domestic Tranquility.

There are reasonable concerns that implicate Russia’s involvement in our election.  This is voter suppression at a global scale.  I don’t care who you voted for and we both can agree that only We The People vote for our president that means no other country. We don’t want a war and we don’t care for consequences if and when that is proven to be true.  We just want no interference from any country when America votes to include this year.

The popular vote is not a formality and neither is the electoral vote.  In the future, do not form transition teams until the electoral vote has been casted.  Do not put a title of President Elect to someone who has not been elected by a legitimate vote which we already discussed that vote to be a popular vote or an electoral vote.  Due to the only vote casted thus far to be the popular vote also known as the People’s Vote, any transition of power at these times when we lack Domestic Tranquility are presumptuous, inappropriate and illegitimate until December 19, 2016.

Let all of us together put the following issues to rest:

  1.  The vote must be audited fully not just a sample of the vote to appease the masses.
  2. We must have electoral college reform now.

Are you still asleep?  Now this is the “transition team” of an electoral vote that has not been casted.  Do they represent the  America that we are today in 2016?

“Mike” Pompeo CIA Adviser

Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

Michael Flynn- National Adviser

Remember: Together~Non violent ~Democratic Approach.

May God Bless America and all the People in it, those defending abroad and all its allies, and why not? May God Almighty bless us all.



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Pro Life? What is that?

I have 4 things to disclose: 1. My upbringing is Strict Catholic; 2. I am Catholic 3; I was not spank as a child; 4. I have not been able to fully watch the movie “The exorcist;” 5. And I don’t want to (I guess I had 5 things to disclose). 🙂

Pro Life? What is that is what I asked as someone took my picture and screamed at me for even asking that question?  Her behavior towards me when I opened my mouth can be best described as a scene from the Exorcist, when Linda Blair first sticks out her tongue as the person I asked that question proceeded to give me an ear full except the answer to my question, and may I say one thing about that?  May I have my ear back and my picture since it was intentionally taken without my consent?

I dare say that my early childhood upbringing was Catholic and stricter than most individuals in the Vatican and I will leave it at that because this is a blog post not a confession.  “)

I am not above error.  I curse like a sailor when emotionally challenged, chew gum at the library (with my mouth closed) and…. I also sneak my coffee into the library and it has been 1 year since my last confession.

My first day at public school was traumatic and that is when my mother first threatened me with corporal punishment (spanking) for cursing at a kid in school.   She did not agree with my answer to what I was being accused of.  When she went to look for an object to strike my flesh, I got on my knees and started to sing the Lord’s prayer.  She who sings to the heavens- prays twice.  What did I tell ya- more than the Vatican folks I dare say? “)

When she found a soft chancla (shoe), she said “praying is not going to save you from this spanking!”  My response was quick and to the point unlike this post.  I interrupted my singing and said, “I am not praying for me.  I am praying for you.” There was no spanking that day or any subsequent day after that.

boys-and-girls2Pro Life?

What about the mentally ill?  Some are committing suicide.  What about those who have a terminal illness and want to end their life?  What about those who want a death with dignity like in a situation of Active or Passive Euthanasia.  Is that not Pro Life?

Pro Life is Pro Life in all the issues through in the continuum.  Anything less than that is against Pro Choice.  No.  Nothing wrong with that.  Now, who wants to volunteer at a suicide prevention hot line?  Who wants to adopt a child in the US (without the high cost of adoption)? Who wants to volunteer to care for someone who is terminally ill that suffers with great pain?  Now, who wants to hold a sign and take pictures?

Please say what you mean.

“I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. An elephant’s faithful, one hundred percent.” Dr. Seuss, Horton

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Shiloh Hunter

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The Speed of the Pack is the Speed of the Leader

Have you ever played anything and the opponent cheated?  It did not matter whether you lost or won.  What mattered was that someone cheated.  I cannot explain what pain it cost my spirit to see a soul behave this way towards me?

I posted her campaign signs on election day and the Dallas Police supporting Pete Sessions- Republican Posters posted their signs directly parallel to my candidate’s sign and almost touching.  You would think that the Dallas Police signs were two sided.  So when you went into the the parking area you did not see her campaign posters.

This is a deliberate action that violates freedom of speech, freedom of assemble, and the rules of engagement of a fair election.  This behavior is unbecoming of any police officer and their cause- whatever that may have been.  Perhaps, this behavior is the root as to why The People disrespects and dislikes them so.  It is behavior unbecoming of any police officer or anyone who speaks on their behalf.

My Leader does not engage in that conduct, and believes in the peaceful transition of power. She also has called to “continue with the causes and values we hold dear,” HRC, Country, planet, and the breakdown of barriers, and protect our rights and freedoms under the Constitution.

It is in that interest that I move forward with a racist leader in power, not my president.



HRC Concession Speech (advance to 18:40):  This is what we lost in the election.  A great leader for our country.

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By Shiloh Hunter

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You’re Ugly. You’re Fat. You’re Old. You’re Bossy. You’re Dumb. You’re the “C” word. You’re a 4. You’re Ugly.

He called her the “C” word.

Yes, you said that already.  Well, is worth repeating.  We’ve heard most of those sentences directed at us throughout our life.  I know you have because I have.  Bullies in the playground.  Bullies in the workforce.  Somehow we find a therapeutic excuse for that behavior.  We always have because we are the better person.  Does it still hurt?  The name calling or the psychological scars?

Some of us stood our grounds.  But did you notice that most people were cheering for the bully? Others were grabbing their phone to record the event. You made a promise to yourself, remember?  No matter what, you will keep on standing up for yourself.

This week Sid Miller, the Texas AG Commissioner took it a step further. He called her the “C” word.  No one seemed to care about his behavior and by doing so, we have enabled his behavior. This is a grown man that holds a position within our government.  Apparently, there’s a hacker on the loose.  Really?  You want us to eat that one?  When that did not work, he blamed a staffer.  Really?

They are taking cheap shots at her because they think they can.

We are about to break the barrier. Yes, we because we won’t let her stand up to them alone.  Not this time.alone

What will you do on the days before the election?  You can stand up for the Old, Fat, Ugly, a 4, Bossy, the “C” word, and the Ugly.

Feel the energy of breaking a barrier by voting, volunteering or giving a dollar to the campaign.

I have to go because I too have to stand up to the Bully.  I got this. “)

Link: A hacker did it.       The Staffer did it.


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Shiloh Hunter

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