Winning at all costs is not Winning, is it?

My first time was when I was in High School. I was wearing a white pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing revealing. I was just a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl way back in the day.


Now that I have your attention. “)  I have something to disclose:  1.  I have full permission to use this picture.

My first time was when I was in High School.  I was wearing a white pair of jeans and a t-shirt.  Nothing revealing.  I was just a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl way back in the day.  I was walking to class when a guy smacked my @$$, and proceeded to verbally expressed how he felt about my @$$ walking down the hall.  I followed that hand, turned around and slapped it and proceeded to tell this boy where the bear was hiding in the woods.  I was so humiliated by his actions of not respecting personal boundaries that I did not think.  He could’ve hurt me!  But it did not matter.   I had been  violated, and assaulted!  We both ended up at the Principal’s Office.  Let me tell you, I did not back down, but I had no proof and I was not about to pull my pants down to show his hand print on my @&&.

I wish I could tell you that this was the first time. All I can tell you is that he never did it again, nor any boy at the High School. However, I did not know that this was going to happen to me for life.  Nor did I know that the events would be much worse, but I’ve fought them all, until yesterday.


I was walking at Walmart because I’m on a budget and they have some good prices there.  When I heard an oink, oink.  It was almost a whisper, but so definitely an oink.  I saw a guy with a pig on his hand and he would squeeze it every-time a “fat” girl would pass by him.  Not a fat guy, mind you, but a fat girl.  I don’t feel fat, so as I passed by he squeezed it.  Twice!!!

da-bossHoly Mother of Mercy!!!!  I did not say anything.  I’ve never been big in my life.  I’m not “big bone,” but this stress level is unbelievable and I have plenty of friends and family that regularly take me out for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Which I am putting a stop to it, right now!! I would also like to thank my friend Emily for treating to lunch this weekend.  “)  See what I mean?

So I did not say anything.  I did not want to hear, “she’s PMS(ing); she’s emotional; she’s on her period;” or “she’s a woman!”  But I noticed that we all let it go!  Which brings me to my point.

I woke up this morning to the news and heard that Florida is tired of the name calling and negative ads.  Folks, she has to defend herself!!! You saw all the debates?! “She’s crooked.”  “She’s a nasty woman,” or “I’m going to grab that P%$$<!”  She’s stuck to the issues and all she could do to protest his treatment of women, was not to shake his hand.  Who would?

Now, we have the emails, only we don’t.  The emails were investigated ad nauseam.  She has taken responsibility.  How?  She responded to The People on the issue.  She answered for 11 hours at a committee! She apologized! So, she used a public server and tried to make it not available to the public.  Folks! you have to, just in case your personal life becomes entwined with your professional life.  You’re military aren’t you?  We get debriefed!  There are things that cannot be disclosed.  Name, Rank and military # folks is all you can have of us.

She did not lie.  This was transparency with an ounce of military procedure.  They have nothing on her so lets bring the emails yet again.

d-shsThink, why don’t they want her in the white house?  Because she has advocated for the vulnerable population when it was not cool to do so, and continues to do so.  If she did not “get it done,” it was simply because someone else was in charge.

Who else are they afraid of? Bernie Sanders!  Well, guess what folks?  He’s going to be a force to reckon with when Hillary gets elected because trust me on this one, he will be have a pivotal role in the White House.  “)

Winning?  “I’m OK with the results if I win.”  “If I lose, the election is rigged.”  “The FBI is corrupt!”  “The FBI is excellent.”  “I have not apologize to my wife.”  He actually has not apologize to anybody.

Stand up to a bully and abuse of power, please vote.  #ImWithHer #nastywomen4hillary #badhombres #competentskillededucatedexperienceforthejob

Pro Se RN on You Tube

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Shiloh Hunter

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24/7 Like 7-11

So, I put on some sweats, brushed my teeth and rushed out of the house to post the Hilary Clinton Campaign Poster because IT’S A GLORIOUS SUNDAY!!!!  Voting is open from 1-6 PM.

Guess who was not there?  Trump!!! Trump usually has campaign posters at the Yin Yang here.  I guess they did not know voting was opened on Sundays.  Don’t worry, is a small town and I’m sure before this video gets out, someone will be rushing out there trying to get that poster out there.

Maybe not. “)

14884617_10208192898964410_998037556463369195_oI have a weapon, and #ImWithHer.  I am concerned and upset that Obamacare cost is going to go up over 20%, and I casted my #NastyVote.  The Constitution is here and is not going anywhere, and neither will our 300 cousins, family, friends, and weapons.

We must become actively involved in our country’s issues by voting and by holding those people in government offices accountable for their performance while being privileged to serve The People.  Why is Obamacare going up?  One thing I know is that big companies are leaving Obamacare.  They are making money.  Of course, they are.  They are just not making money like they have been accustomed to making.

I wasn’t born with high blood pressure so no it is not a pre- existing condition?  I was not born with Diabetes, so no it is not a preexisting condition?  I did not run my @&& over and any sequelae from that is not pre existing?  Just treat any person that comes through the door, already! No matter what!

Now, about those emails?  You and I are smart boys and girls.  Why  days before the election do you bring up a case that was investigated ad nauseam?  She answered and testified before a committee.  She acknowledge and apologize for having a server that was not “in the white house.”  No one else has apologize but her in these election days.  Why do so many people in Washington don’t want her in office?  Because they know she has tried to advocate for  The People and many have stood in her way because they were “in charge.”

Let’s change that.  Please vote for Hilary Clinton and or a Straight Democratic ticket.  You know deep inside that she is the most qualified, competent, highly skilled with tons of experience. So she did not want to have the server public for everyone to see? That was a good thing.  We military people get to see and experience all kinds of things in the field, and we get debriefed.  Trust me, I don’t care how much transparency you scream for.  You won’t get it.  It’s called de-brief to protect the welfare of the public.  So, I’m filing “emails” under “pre- existing condition,” which means get out of here with that email bs already!

Aztec Princess

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“Let Go My Eggo”

I keep putting my campaign poster for display at a voting poll place in accordance with the rules and guess what?  I keep finding it moved from where I left it.  “Let go my eggo!”

There are reports that some are going missing throughout the DFW.  I know you love her, and want to keep one for yourself.  She is so tall!

Anyway, you can call 512-696-5993, the Clinton Campaign and try to get one for your location or property or if you are in the Dallas Fort Worth area you can stop by at 2639 Walnut Hill, Dallas Texas 75203 and pick one up. They are 5 dollars.  It is a crime to mess with those political signs.  Did you know (Sorry about the Christie pic…..:( )?     It does not matter if you take one from a private property or from a voting booth.  You can still get in a heap of  T R O U B L E. =O  So, let go my eggo. “)


Do you want to volunteer On Sunday 10/30/2016?  Just click on the hash tag links below to find out the locations.  We have a 1(one) O’Clock and a 2 (two)O’Clock event.  Just stop by at 1PMor 2PM at the following location.  Click on the links below to find out the location.

#nastywoman4hillary  #badhombres4hillary 

By the way, how do you like the democratic tennis shoes?  Me too! “)

Thanks a bunch.

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Shiloh Hunter

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The Rules

When I failed to see a single campaign poster, I proceeded to find out what the rules of the campaign posters were in my city, and then I signed up to volunteer for the Clinton/Kaine Campaign at the Dallas Office.

When I failed to see a single campaign poster, I proceeded to find out what the rules of the campaign posters were in my city, and then I signed up to volunteer for the Clinton/Kaine Campaign at the Dallas Office.

The rules are as follow:

  1. You cannot remove other posters because that is a federal offense.
  2. Post your poster on or about  30 minutes before the voting polls open.
  3. Remove the poster or on about 30 minutes after the voting polls close.

That’s easy or so I thought?  I showed up this morning and had a small chat with 2 people wearing a city shirt at about 100 feet from the voting booths.  I was surprised to not see a single poster as I proceeded to put the Clinton/Kaine campaign poster in place.  So, I casually asked, what happened to all the other posters?  City worker: “Well, it seems that no one picked up their posters last night, so somebody else picked them up.”

She was implying the city.  “You know they cannot stay over night?  Me:  “I know.  I picked mine up last night.”  Another city girl, “yes, she did, I saw her last night.”

So, no other posters were allowed this morning for the exception of Clinton/Kaine’s campaign posters, because we follow the rules.  “)

Actions:  Poster in compliance with the rules.  No other posters because they failed to follow the rules.  LOLOLOLOL

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Shiloh Hunter

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Ms. Nasty, and killing it

I went to vote.  No, that’s not the scary part. I have 300 cousins and…wait for it….. They have a valid voter’s registration card and they are bad hombres.  Anyway, they are voting for her.  #badhombresforhillary

There were two campaign posters of Trump and none of Hilary at my voting site.  However, I did not leave the city before assuring there was one with her name on it.14801002_10208150912914785_749000605_n-2No! I did not remove the other one.  That’s a federal offense and I know what you have heard about us- rapists-druggies, bad hombres.  I left both of Trump’s posters alone.  I just added Hillary’s.  Yes, it’s legal!  See?  It’s way far from the yellow, invisible line.  “)14825538_10208151249083189_1267590420_n

I have to go because, guess who is volunteering at her campaign?  That’s right! Me!  I have to drop off and pick up this sign everyday in accordance to the federal rules of the campaign posters that means they cannot stay out past 30 minutes or so after the voting booths close.  I also have to make telephone calls, English and Spanish.

Uhm, Mr. Trump is going to take more than free tacos to get the Latino vote.

I have to go pick up the campaign poster!

Actions:  Voting for her!!!

#badhombres  #Latinovotewithher #nastygirls4hillary #I’mwithher

Signing off Nasty Girl in the DFW!

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Shiloh Hunter

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Foul Ball, Cardinal!

I am reaching my boiling point with the religion imposing their views and easily dismissing us to hell if we don’t do what they say. First and foremost, the Catholic Church does not have a good reputation on moral turpitude.

I am not conflicted and I have 2 things to disclose.  1.  I am Catholic.  2.  I’ve only had one cup of coffee, so technically, no caffeine is running through these veins/arteries.

I was having one cup of coffee before my torture device of choice, the treadmill when I dared to glance at my FB alerts.  There before my two eyes read the fine print, my religion opposing Hilary Clinton.  I was foaming at the mouth just to read through this bs.  Cardinal Ratzinger, letter, blah, blah,  “Clinton is pro abortion thus if you vote for her pretty much you cannot take communion.”  I am paraphrasing.  Wait?  What? You want to read it yourself?  OK, there it is:  “The person’s public unworthiness to receive Holy Communion due to an objective situation of sin.” Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

First and foremost, I am reaching my boiling point with the religion imposing their views and easily dismissing us to hell if we don’t do what they say.  One more thing, the Catholic Church does not have a good reputation on moral turpitude.  What about the countless of child molestation cases and sexual misconduct and how those were handle by the church for years, and continue to be mishandled?  Are those priest excommunicated?  What about the priests, staff, cardinals that knew about the sins against little boys and girls and covered it up?  Are they still taking holy communion?  What about that point of view? Are they going to hell too?

Ok, you want to go there?  Yeah, Let’s go there.  Way back in the day, oh, I don’t know let’s pick a date, say 591.  False interpretation about Mary Magdalene’s moral terpitude went rampant under the Papacy of that date and were only rectified on a soft whisper in 1969, but the damage had been done.

“The false equation Mary of Magdala = woman with ointment = woman at the well = “loose woman” = prostitute has produced the composite figure Mary Magdalene.” Lucy Winkett, St. Paul Cathedral 2000.

“The man generally credited with sanctioning this piece of Biblical imagination was Pope Gregory the Great who delivered himself of an opinion in 591 in Rome.” Lucy Winkett, St. Paul Cathedral 2000

I think that pretty much the Catholic Religion just plain and simple does not have space for woman in leadership positions.  They don’t want them in their churches and now they are telling us that they don’t want one running the country.

hot-dogFoul Ball, Cardinal, Foul ball.  I am with her!  Hell Yeah, I’m taking Communion, see you Sunday, play ball!

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Shiloh Hunter

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Forgiveness for mortal sin   Short history on Mary Magdalene Cardinal Ratzinger’s letter