24 Hour Fitness :D

12719280_10206312921126139_766217112150878793_o (1)I choose a treadmill based on what’s playing on the TV.  This time it was a show on fishing.  So I asked the guy if he was watching the Fishing show.  He just nodded yes.  I thought there is no way he is watching this boring sht?  So I asked in dismay “you are watching this?”  He turned around and said yes.  Only this time he was looking at my eyes, lips and chest, as he began to take off his earphones.

I knew what was coming my way, so I just turned around and put my earphones on right away.  “Yes, but you cant turn the channel if you want.”

Me:  Too late, Bye Felicia-(No 2nd chances in 2016).

He only ran for 20 minutes, wuss!

RS Hunter

Salsa Pig 😀