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I once screamed into the Heavens “I don’t believe in you, anymore!  I’m going to start telling everyone how you are not real!”  This was after I had seen so many good people die.  I had taken a position that included me talking to families in crisis after they had lost a loved one.  Before I could utter a word, the families would have already introduced their loved one to me, and I would leave that room actually believing that I had known the person on the OR table all my life, having not met them at all.  I too was experiencing the anguish of losing them.

I am a sinner.  Always have been.  I do try my hardest to be kind to animals and humans, but there’s the Bitch in me that comes out and doesn’t let any human come even close to act stupid around me, and I love the Bitch in me.  I really do.  I was raised Catholic, and I’m not going to push religion down your throat, but “I AM” send me a message after my Spiritual Temper Tantrum, and so I know that God is Real!  However, knowing that, does not take away the pain and anguish I am now enduring to have heard the news that a beautiful human being is in distress and fighting for her life.

My body trembles in agony as I acknowledge the fact that a good friend of mine, Sofia Aldana suffered a stroke, underwent surgery and has not woken up from a coma as of last week.  She is in Mission Hospitals ICU in North Carolina and she needs financial assistance.

She is hardworking, and by that I mean she is just like you and me that would work as many jobs as it takes to put food on the table and take care of our children.  Actually, I don’t have children and many may argue that I am a stranger to the realm of “hardworking,” but Sofia is really amazing.

Please, look into your spiritual pockets, and really take some time to utter her name into the heavens in a form of a prayer for a full recovery, and if you do your excel spreadsheets and find 5-20 bucks to spare, please donate it to her ongoing fund; be generous if you can.httphttps://www.gofundme.com/am58262c

In return, I will be indebted to you and the only way I can repay is to reveal the “I AM” message I received during my Spiritual Temper Tantrum, the short version anyway, when and if the 12,000 that is needed is reached.

lolaIf anyone in her circle in NC is listening, can you guys make sure that someone can take her dog, Lola to the hospital to see her?  Lola is in distress as well.  You see? Kind to animals and humans- always. “)

©Salsa Pig byhttps://life.indiegogo.com/fundraisers/sofia-aldana

Shiloh Hunter


Author: Aztk Prncss

Aztec Princess : The views and opinions are my own. A writer of life in general- no matter the topic/politics- yeap. This is the Social Personality of a girl who endured a devastating blow to her personal, and professional life brought on by individuals and or persons who by their actions manifested a personal storm of cataclysmic proportions which caused her to lose everything she worked for and almost claimed her life. The name Salsa Pig came from her love of Salsa Dancing, and her inability to lose the extra lbs due to the unbelievable Stress she endured. Whatever is going on in your life, stay strong, stay positive, and always remember: I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me- Philippians 4:13 Be Not Afraid: Isaiah 41:10 Share the love, and link: http://prosejurisprudencensgpractice.com All my love, Aztec Princess by Shiloh Hunter

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