Is Bitch a Super Power?

IMG_0222Umm, that would be a hell yeah!.  Before you turn the Bitch Super Power to the ON position, let me just take care of a few preliminaries that may help others through the day.

Use it wisely, and sparingly despite fear.  Don’t sabotage yourself, and be kind to others, but don’t be a pushover, don’t take the blame, and don’t answer for others.

Always smile and mean it.

Ok, go get’em tiger- grrRRRRLLLLLL!

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Truth or Dare

truth or dare

Yes, they are, Truth or Dare by Madonna. Can you see the “M”? Ugh, never mind. I really need to work out those calf muscles…. Ugh!!! never mind that either. He says he works out more than regularly. That sounds good. A girl loves a man that works out, and if is regularly, well, that’s much better than sitting on the sofa up to no good on internet sites- you get me? Ah hmm, I thought so.

He is enrolled in post-graduate studies. That sounds good too. A smart guy with a commitment to pay off a student loan. So far so good. I knew him from way back in the day. He was super delicious with a buffed body that made you doubt butta, “I can’t believe is not butta!” Yeah, ah hmm, that kind of a guy.

Always kind to others with good manners. He always smelled good, or so I thought for every time I passed by him I started to breath like many asthmatics do to get a good woofed of his signature aroma. How do asthmatics breath? They tend to breath faster than most and some use their mouths to satisfy their hunger for air. Ughh, never mind asthmatics, but definitely like the technique of a mouth breather with a cinch of a soft grrl like a lion spotting an unsuspected cheetah as it quickly thought of a strategy to capture it to quench his animalistic hunger for meat!!!!!

Actually, I didn’t go that far due to the unbreakable boundaries of the professional realm- no hanky panky with hotties at work. I should’ve gotten his phone number to follow up after I left the job. Only, I didn’t, but he is back into my life, and just like that in a blink of an eye he offered his phone number with a hashtag of text me if is easier for you. Holy, Mother of Mercy! Help!!!

by Shiloh Hunter

1 800 273 8255-Don’t Hurt Yourself or Others- Please call.

call or text

1 800 273 8255

It’s suicide prevention month, and what the hell, let’s make it homicidal prevention month as well. So, follow the instructions I’m about to give to Y O U. Don’t kill yourself or others. Don’t hurt yourself or others. Mind your own business and don’t worry what ppl say- they have their own journey. Call me, text me or shoot me an email…. I mean send me an email if it gets rough.

Better yet try this number 1 (800) 273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. They habla Espanol, but don’t tell the Donald. Ya vez como se enchinga con esas cosas.

After much further thought and consideration, what the hell, let’s make it, I’m going to get in your business month as well. If you know of someone who may hurt themselves or others- go here and find out how to help them through this rough moment. I don’t work for WebMD and I don’t have a conflict of interest. I just love how simple they give the info.
Stay Safe folks….”)
#call #don’tdoit #ujusthave2getpastthismoment #this2shallpass
Salsa Pig

Text Me = Sex Me in HTML “)

text me

While, I made a decision to move on in my love life, unavoidably, I came with a head on collision with a Social Media romance.  I’m single, yes, but you have to select your next relationship if not with common sense, then some good old fashion caution.

I don’t mean doing a google search on the top 10 wanted list for an FBI site or anything like that (checked).  I also don’t mean FB stalking, or do I?  Of course not, but only because the guys I decide to date have been people I know for a bit and did not make it to my friend zone.

I’m quite intrigued with the Adonis of a specimen that came my way.   Last I saw him was when he had started his educational goals.  He’s now in his Master’s program.  Unbeknownst to me, and I guess, I am his graduation present-undergrad.  I like my men smart and with a vision.

We exchanged a couple of emails then after some preliminaries, this relationship moved quickly to a hashtag- digits- appeared to be a phone number- with the instructions to “BTW if it’s easier for you- you can text me.”

What? Oh, hell no! I am not a  going there.  Sexting is Texting in HTML and any other language.  Then it evolves into images, then pictures because people don’t want to use their imagination.  Then “accidents” happen and your sexting is sent to your Tia Chona, and then she starts following you on Twitter, and Instagram, or worse your blog or worse, your personal blog- :/ You don’t know my family.  Trust me, they make the Cartel look like small talk.  Then what if he gets mad and posts the sexting online, after he airbrushes, copy, pastes and deletes?  Remember, I like my men smart and with a vision…… Breath…… Breath…….Breath…. Wine….

So, I politely declined to the “#btwtextmeifiseasier.”

#Iwanttherealthing #sextingwontdo4me #keepingitreal

Salsa Pig

Wrong Bus/Truck and I’m on It!

truckI decided to answer the email. Although, I remember this guy to be an Adonis of a specimen with girls at the Ying Yang after him that I let him passed me by. Even though he was super-buffed and hot!!!

Quietly, I said my goodbyes to what could’ve been because I did not want to place myself in that position. At the time, there were some unbreakable boundaries and I just could not overlook them.

No, he was not a cousin. Crazy!

We have not seen each other in years. I happened to look at a recent picture of him, and Holy, Mother of Mercy!!!! He is more buffed and super defined. He is also in his master’s program- Yum, Yum!!!

Single, he is.

Girls on him like butta, I’m sure of it.

So, my bestie said, and you would date him? With all those girls after him?

Hell, Yeah! The years are passing me by. All my friends are getting happily married, many already popped a kid or two, and the wedding bus is passing me by. This may be my last bus, and I’m getting on it, even if it’s the wrong bus! He is single, and hot!“)

Moving On Without the One

santeMoving on without “the one.” Notice the empty champagne glass?#movingonwithoutyou #ahottierescuedmelastnight #shouldIcallback?

Moving On Without the One

Last night, it hit me. My heart is not stubborn, and neither am I. I just don’t go from guy to guy to guy. Not, that I’m saying that’s wrong, or anything like that.

I wouldn’t say, I hit hard when I commit. Wait? Did I just utter the “C” word? Oh, My!!!

I’m a mess.

So, he sent an email. Not the one. The one right now, he sent an email. I think he wanted to connect. He was super delicious. It was a LinkedIn invite, but it counts when you did not connect when you should have. All this innuendos are driving me crazy. “)

Salsa Pig

#whatislove? #doitandrespondtotheemailalready #geezwhatuwaitingfor #staytuned