I have only one God and is not you stress!

IMG_1568 near deathI was run over by an SUV while riding my bike….. blah, blah, long story short and getting shorter.  Calm down, this is not a sad story.  I have been under a tremendous amount of stress, tremendous! I have never in my life been under such stress.  Ok, shorter story.

I usually have  a premonition about things.  I’m really good about that.  I have dreams that guide me, sensations on my belly, I’m sure you do too.  That day, nada- that’s Spanish for not a da$% thing if you are talking to The Donald, but since it’s just you and me, that’s Spanish for nothing.

Get to the point! Ok, so  when the SUV hit me, BOOM SHAKALAKA then I flew up into the air and at that moment everything went absolutely quiet.  Not a bird on the sky was chirping, not a  hiss from a rattlesnake nor chirping from the crickets. It was such a serene surrender then I hit the ground and life continued.

I want to experience that peaceful surrender again without the threat of bodily harm or near death experiences.  I know for a fact that we all have one spiritual guide on earth, although somewhere, some time ago someone whispered in my subconscious that some people have two.  Sad to report I only have one and I know this for a fact,  but this is s short story, remember?

So, my spiritual guide took me to that realm of calmness and that’s how I survived.  He opened my mind to the possibility that I can go there daily if I changed my ways.

Afterward, is when I learned that when I give all  my attention to stress, I’m making stress my God.  I’m done doing that.  So, I’m reading “Entering the Castle” by Caroline Myss, I recommend it.  🙂  That’s all.

What did you want the near death experience?  No, that’s not a short story.  The picture is the road where I was run over, muahahahah, sinister laugh?

Salsa Pig by Mambo Chismoso



barkapaloozaSo, the bell hangs on the door for the dog to communicate with the human.  Only it literally does do that.  The dog is actually communicating with the human, but there’s too much guessing in the morning hours.  So, I thought, I’m smarter than you, dog, you!

I filled up his bowls with food and water and he was allowed to go out for a bit, but he kept ringing his bell. UGHHHHHH!

I noticed that he kept looking at his bowl.  He wants chicken.  Me va joder todo el dia until he gets chicken, Bastard!

He’ll get chicken alright, during his bath.  Trick or Treat all year around. “)

Salsa Pig by Mambo Chismoso

Good Job OHIO Board of Nursing!


A nurse in Ohio was fired, and attempts were made to revoke her license when she begin to get involved and or get others involved in unionizing nurses.  It is the same MO that has been operating for years, really.  Nothing new there.  Healthcare entities are retaliating against bedside nurses and will go as far as firing them, reporting them to a reporting agency, and try to go after that license through permissive retaliation with the Board of Nursing, unless of course you have a license to practice in Ohio.

Way to go Ohio Board of Nursing.  Good job on handling that complaint and not allowing permissive retaliation in your state.  WAY TO GO OHIO BOARD OF NURSING!!!!

Mark your calendar!

August 21, 2015.

Holiday Inn, Garland 5110 N president George Bush, Garland, Texas 75040

Pro Se Representation & Jurisprudence in Nursing Practice:  http://prosejurisprudencensgpractice.com

Reversed Training

meet herculesI’m house sitting Hercules, the big baby.  I trained that dog early in his days for a couple of things.  I don’t like to train a dog for amusement.  Maybe is just me, but I think it belittles the dog.  Yeah, it’s just me.  So, I taught him the simple things, sit and stay when you want to.  A bell hangs on the door so that he can ring it when he wants to do his bizz.  Only, he rings it when he’s hungry, when he’s thirsty, and when and if he might want to go out and do his bizz, but you never know which one and he keeps you guessing. :/

The training on the bell was strictly for him to alert the human when he has to do his bizz.  Now, sometimes, he rings that bell and runs for a toy because he wants to play and the human has been too busy at the computer, Bastard!

I was about to throw the bell in the trash last night when I noticed that he only uses the bell at night when he has to do his bizz and he never bluffs about that.

So, a compromise is reached. In the day, I would have to guess whatever the hell he wants when he rings the bell, and at night, I have the comfort of knowing that I would not wake up to stinky surprises.  Democracy, or whatever, I love it!!!!

Salsa Pig by Mambo Chismoso