In search of the best grilled cheese recipe in the world!

east thing

My 6-year-old nephew is so kind, respectful and I can go on, but I won’t.  He is a picky eater.  I made him a grilled cheese sandwich.  How hard can it be?  It’s just bread, and cheese, right?  I had come across the recipe on Facebook, and I thought I had memorized it.  Only, I had not, but I did not know at the time.  So, I said, who wants a grilled cheese?  He looked at me and you can tell he was scared, but manage to act like he just had a large meal and did not have space in his belly for anything.  He politely said, no thank you.

I knew he was hungry.  So, I made the grilled cheese, and it came out like crap.  No, problem.  I watch Hell’s Kitchen during tornado warnings days, and I learn this much.  It is all in the presentation.  So, I made the plate look simple and pristine, and proceeded to offer the grilled cheese with no end pieces, with a smile.

He took it, ate it and asked for another.

Folks, it was the crappiest grilled cheese in the world!  I think I like it mushy, he said as he ate the last bite of the nastiest grilled cheese.

My sister said, “you’re supposed to toast the bread first!”  Otra, que no sabe nada!  That’s Spanish for she is clueless too (kind of).east thing

I felt so bad, that I decided to start making grilled cheese sandwiches until it comes out right.  I’m trying this recipe on this link, next week.  😀



So, all the hype that took place on May 2, 2015 compelled me to revisit the boxing ring, a place where human beings are allowed to exhibit brutality on the beautiful body.  I see punches in slow motion and start to cringe and think how the body is internally responding to that injury.  I really can’t watch it.

However, after witnessing hard earned money talks before the game trying to come up with 100 “dollas” to watch the sport, the least I could do was to find the courage to watch the match.  To my dismayed I was able to watch the whole match!

The strategy used by Mayweather is what is known in the Nike world as 3:1 intervals. Translation?  You run like hell for 3 minutes and rest for 1 minute until the end of the match. Then I saw the interview with Max Kellerman and the People’s Champ, Pacquiao.

I just can’t hear “I’m just doing my job” anymore when people use their profession to access people who are publicly in high demand.  Sometimes the question posed to that individual is inappropriate, out of place or just plain out a dumb @&& question.  However, when a disrespectful tone accompanies a belittling mannerism when asking a question begs to ask the following.  What job are you referring to doing?

Then I thought, OMG!!!!! Could it be true?  Was the Mayweather v Pacquiao a conspiracy to declare Mayweather the winner?  Was Mayweather told that if he just stayed away from the ropes, and whatever he did make sure he just kept running around the ring, they would have to technically give him the title?

A couple of questions come to mind:

1.  Why?

2.  Who was in on it?

I think the why is very clear.  It’s not just about the 138k/minute that yield the HBO special.  The people in the biz had no idea how much global, financial support Pacquiao was bringing in, and they stood to lose lots of money.  

I’m particularly concerned on the Max Kellerman’s interview that drives me to think.  What job is he referring to that drove him to publicly disrespect the people’s champ?  What was his job?  Was his job to discredit him and to subliminally give us the message that Mayweather was the winner?  Was he trying to get Pacquiao to declare his opponent the winner?  Would that put our minds to rest about what we just witnessed by a “unanimous decision?”

Whatever j o b Max is referring to, we would never know, or care.  What his interview did was to actually give a name to what we witnessed on May 2nd, 2015, and that name is conspiracy.

The devil is in the details:

    1.  On Mayweather’s corner, “why are you fighting him like you are              scared of him?”  

    2.  The broadcasting collectively pointing out punches by                                Mayweather like a Mantra and failure to give credit to Pacquiao’s skills, after all, Pacquiao’s statistics mirror the one and only, Mr. Muhammad Alli.       

   3.  Mayweather’s celebratory stance on the last few seconds before the end of the fight.

    4. The interview that left a bad taste in our mouths on that infamous day.

    5.  The score cards…… Yeap, those.

Two things, Max should be thankful for? 

1.  That the People’s champ is not disrespectful like Mayweather.

2.  That the People’s champ does not get you fired from doing your j o b.

Million apologies to the People’s Champ, Pacquiao, and we too thought and continue to think you won that fight!