Madre Mia- Suicide!


Have you ever felt so much invisible pain that it does not matter how much sunshine surrounds you, you still find yourself in so much despair?  I know what you are thinking?  Yeap, I do…. know what you are thinking.   You’re thinking all pain is invisible and I am going to stop you there.  Why? Because I’m not going to argue with you because you may be on to something there.  What I am talking about is that internal pain that shames your very essence.  The pain that we cannot talk to anyone about, even to those closest to us.  Why can’t we?  Talk about… that pain?  Because the pain I’m talking about is not physical pain.  Because I’m talking about a pain that is so close to your soul that many don’t understand it because very few people can see your soul.  Yeap, that type of pain.

How do you make it go away?  Many people think suicide does the trick.  I know what you brainiacs are thinking.  Yeap, I do…. know what you are thinking.  You are thinking “well how many? And make your point.” Well, I’m not going to bombard you with the statistics because like I use to tell people in the school yard “I’m not your encyclopedia.”  Me, guilty!  I’m a brainiac too.

I’m sad to report that suicide is not the answer.  How do I know?  I’ve seen the ugly side of suicide so many times to know that suicide only infects those that love you the most with that same shameful, invisible pain from losing you and you will be surprised to know who loves you.

I also know that your pain will continue until you decide that the source of the pain is no longer a part of you.  Until that moment comes you must take all necessary precautions so that you can survive the moment of turmoil that plagues that type of pain.  Don’t let that moment take you to the abyss of despair. You have to survive that moment.

Don’t be alone when it hits.  Don’t tell me that!  I know you know when that moment hits.  That moment is when the thought comes into your head and you start to get a plan on how to do it then you start giving all your most treasured objects away which may or may not necessarily hold a monetary value.  You must stop it when the thought of suicide being an option pops into your head.  You must not let it go to the next phase.  The planning phase.  Just don’t…… You have got to reach out to a suicide hotline, and or call 911.  Reach out!!!! Survive that moment!!!!

Which brings me back to the story on the Yahoo news today……

He had a twin brother……. How do you think is going to affect his twin?  Poor kid.  God only knows the pressure he was under, and the reason for his pain.  May God bless his soul and keep his family and friends under his divine mercy.

 Glory days Amen.


Author: Aztk Prncss

Aztec Princess : The views and opinions are my own. A writer of life in general- no matter the topic/politics- yeap. This is the Social Personality of a girl who endured a devastating blow to her personal, and professional life brought on by individuals and or persons who by their actions manifested a personal storm of cataclysmic proportions which caused her to lose everything she worked for and almost claimed her life. The name Salsa Pig came from her love of Salsa Dancing, and her inability to lose the extra lbs due to the unbelievable Stress she endured. Whatever is going on in your life, stay strong, stay positive, and always remember: I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me- Philippians 4:13 Be Not Afraid: Isaiah 41:10 Share the love, and link: All my love, Aztec Princess by Shiloh Hunter

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