Emotional Healing, blah, blah, blah.

I was not brought up with childhood aids that eased the transition from conscious to subconscious realms when the clock struck sleepy time like bedtime stories or toys.   Why sleepy time?  Well, because we were not brought up in an environment that dictated a specific number on the clock that mandated a behavior like going to bed, but that is not the story I want to share with you today; time and a place, grasshopper, time and a place.  🙂

I did not know about Cinderella, Rapunzel or Bambi (for your loss).   :*(

My childhood aids were a bit more traditional, hence the problem.  My mother had this belief which was transcended from generations within the family circle that the body’s illnesses and  conditions were created by the mind which many times did not possess the ability to comprehend the Spirit.  Long story short. ok, shorter, whenever you are emotionally depleted, sad or overwhelmed with sorrow, you use aids that will bring you back to a positive energy level which is happiness, contentment, etc.  Drugs are not aids, just in case you were on your way to your “happy stash.”  Te conozco. 😀

One way to that was……wait for it…… to drink tea.  No, silly.  Not just any kind of tea.  Peppermint tea!!!  Peppermint tea synapses the body to be attuned to the Spirit, she use to say.  Your spirit is dangerously accessible when you are emotionally unstable (up or down). And you thought people were crazy.  😀  peppermint tea

So, yeah, it’s a peppermint tea kinda day. Peppermint tea was in case you happened to find yourself on the downside of an emotional roller coaster.  Provecho!  😀


Author: Aztk Prncss

Aztec Princess : The views and opinions are my own. A writer of life in general- no matter the topic/politics- yeap. This is the Social Personality of a girl who endured a devastating blow to her personal, and professional life brought on by individuals and or persons who by their actions manifested a personal storm of cataclysmic proportions which caused her to lose everything she worked for and almost claimed her life. The name Salsa Pig came from her love of Salsa Dancing, and her inability to lose the extra lbs due to the unbelievable Stress she endured. Whatever is going on in your life, stay strong, stay positive, and always remember: I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me- Philippians 4:13 Be Not Afraid: Isaiah 41:10 Share the love, and link: http://prosejurisprudencensgpractice.com All my love, Aztec Princess by Shiloh Hunter

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