Mirror, mirror on the wall

How’s the coffee?  Wait up, it’s about to get better.  How would you feel if you find yourself at a business place where you do, hmmm business and you have to, hmm do your business.  Am I confusing you?  Yes, but not on purpose.  Ok, so you go to a bar, order a drink or two and mingle, and all of the sudden you have to tingle.  

Let’s say you find the toilet in time, and lucky you!   You find a bathroom that has plenty of space and only one stall, a sink, and a full-length mirror at the door.  So you close the door to do your business because you know that the door is unlocked and you can go in and out of that bathroom stall at any time.  What? Ok, don’t get so hung up on the door.

How would you feel if you find out later after you tingled that the door to the toilet is actually a two-way mirror and everyone just saw you doing your business while you were in the toilet?  Wait, I’m not done.wicked witch of the west

Apparently, after 15 years of this practice, someone reported this to the “authorities” and their response was “it appears that nobody’s privacy rights were violated?”

A couple of questions come to mind.

  1. How come there is no two-way mirror in the man’s urinal area?
  2. What does the author of the article mean when it uses the following, “authorities?”
  3. A promise is a promise (just a couple of questions). “)

Last but not least, the bar owner, a man states ” I would rather burn the bar down then take the mirror down.”

I’m a simple girl. I don’t have advanced degrees but don’t you need my consent to see my private parts?  Wait a minute!  I just tricked you.  I asked a 3rd question.

There you have it, “it appears that nobody’s privacy rights were violated,” authorities.  The rationale is that the door is open and you can go in and out at will.glinda witch of north

What a crock!



Workout Buddies

workout buddyI over did it.  I knew I had, the moment I opened my eyes.  Sure it was cold.  All 56-degrees, and 20-mile winds with a light rain kinda cold, but cold nonetheless.  Yet, I knew that was not the reason why my body would not obey the commands of “get your @$$ up” at 6 this morning.  I knew I had a problem when my body would not obey the same command at 7, 8 or 9 am!  Oh, calm down, I’m not dying.  Diagnosis?  Over did it!

How? The culprit that brought this diagnosis was, you guessed it! A workout buddy!  You have one too?  Look, is very simple, I have lots of work to do, and I’m going to need more than functioning eyelids and earlobes to get it done.  I need shoulders, knees, and toes!

I tried to talk her to death during the workout with hopes that she would be too distracted to workout hard, but that only worked for a little bit.  Then we hit the weights.  Look, can we share?  Ok, I’ll go first.  I don’t lift anything!  No, I’m not old fashion.  I just don’t lift for pleasure.  If you ever see me lift anything, rest assure it had to be done.  Like, you want an example?  Ok, like if I needed to lift a 5-pound rock to save a life.  However, It has come down to this folks.  I’m officially 40 pounds over my ideal weight.  What scale am I using?  Are you kidding me?  I don’t need a stinking weight scale!  I have a brain.  yeap, that same brain that couldn’t wake me up at 6 am.  😀

It is what it is, and it is time for serious workouts with buddies.


My sister rescued a puppy at 6 weeks.  She waited impatiently for this puppy.  She had to have him she said.  She’s had dogs before and they all ran away or got hurt.  Not a good record.  An “ice” storm had hit us hard in Texas, all 1.5 inches and the city was closed.  Yeap, we don’t play with ice.  So, we had to wait 7 days for someone to come and claim the puppy and if no one did then my sis could have it.  So, we got him on day 8.  The name was easy and cheesy, HERCULES.  I tried my hardest to name him Dallas, but I lost that battle.  So, Hercules begin to bark like crazy.  He did not bark at strangers or noises.  He barked at us.  Yeap, he had a case of dog dominance.

Since, I’ve had the best dog in the world, Houston.  I was given the task to train him just like I had trained Houston.   bite from barkapalooza Don’t let this look fool you, the pinchi dog is a mess.  It is now time for an intervention.  I googled Cesar Milan’s Dog Whisperer video and decided to try  a couple of his tricks.  If they don’t work, I’m going to drop this pinchi dog on his yard.  He can have him cause I’m done!  The sad part is that I have a bark collar and I just don’t have the heart to use it.  I have been staring at it  for a month…..Nope, I’ll just drop his @&& off- done! barkapalooza

Madre Mia- Suicide!


Have you ever felt so much invisible pain that it does not matter how much sunshine surrounds you, you still find yourself in so much despair?  I know what you are thinking?  Yeap, I do…. know what you are thinking.   You’re thinking all pain is invisible and I am going to stop you there.  Why? Because I’m not going to argue with you because you may be on to something there.  What I am talking about is that internal pain that shames your very essence.  The pain that we cannot talk to anyone about, even to those closest to us.  Why can’t we?  Talk about… that pain?  Because the pain I’m talking about is not physical pain.  Because I’m talking about a pain that is so close to your soul that many don’t understand it because very few people can see your soul.  Yeap, that type of pain.

How do you make it go away?  Many people think suicide does the trick.  I know what you brainiacs are thinking.  Yeap, I do…. know what you are thinking.  You are thinking “well how many? And make your point.” Well, I’m not going to bombard you with the statistics because like I use to tell people in the school yard “I’m not your encyclopedia.”  Me, guilty!  I’m a brainiac too.

I’m sad to report that suicide is not the answer.  How do I know?  I’ve seen the ugly side of suicide so many times to know that suicide only infects those that love you the most with that same shameful, invisible pain from losing you and you will be surprised to know who loves you.

I also know that your pain will continue until you decide that the source of the pain is no longer a part of you.  Until that moment comes you must take all necessary precautions so that you can survive the moment of turmoil that plagues that type of pain.  Don’t let that moment take you to the abyss of despair. You have to survive that moment.

Don’t be alone when it hits.  Don’t tell me that!  I know you know when that moment hits.  That moment is when the thought comes into your head and you start to get a plan on how to do it then you start giving all your most treasured objects away which may or may not necessarily hold a monetary value.  You must stop it when the thought of suicide being an option pops into your head.  You must not let it go to the next phase.  The planning phase.  Just don’t…… You have got to reach out to a suicide hotline, and or call 911.  Reach out!!!! Survive that moment!!!!

Which brings me back to the story on the Yahoo news today……

He had a twin brother……. How do you think is going to affect his twin?  Poor kid.  God only knows the pressure he was under, and the reason for his pain.  May God bless his soul and keep his family and friends under his divine mercy.

 Glory days Amen.


Emotional Healing, blah, blah, blah.

I was not brought up with childhood aids that eased the transition from conscious to subconscious realms when the clock struck sleepy time like bedtime stories or toys.   Why sleepy time?  Well, because we were not brought up in an environment that dictated a specific number on the clock that mandated a behavior like going to bed, but that is not the story I want to share with you today; time and a place, grasshopper, time and a place.  🙂

I did not know about Cinderella, Rapunzel or Bambi (for your loss).   :*(

My childhood aids were a bit more traditional, hence the problem.  My mother had this belief which was transcended from generations within the family circle that the body’s illnesses and  conditions were created by the mind which many times did not possess the ability to comprehend the Spirit.  Long story short. ok, shorter, whenever you are emotionally depleted, sad or overwhelmed with sorrow, you use aids that will bring you back to a positive energy level which is happiness, contentment, etc.  Drugs are not aids, just in case you were on your way to your “happy stash.”  Te conozco. 😀

One way to that was……wait for it…… to drink tea.  No, silly.  Not just any kind of tea.  Peppermint tea!!!  Peppermint tea synapses the body to be attuned to the Spirit, she use to say.  Your spirit is dangerously accessible when you are emotionally unstable (up or down). And you thought people were crazy.  😀  peppermint tea

So, yeah, it’s a peppermint tea kinda day. Peppermint tea was in case you happened to find yourself on the downside of an emotional roller coaster.  Provecho!  😀

The New Y O U

I was driving on 75 depressway trying to get out of the rush hours of 3-5pm because it was my happy birthday and I did not want to deal with bu%^^&&holes on my happy birthday, when I noticed coming off the ramp a  big, yellow sign with some black lines that  read 45 mph.  Hell No, I did not read it!  I just remembered it because I have been pulled many of times around the DFW!  However, the truck before me apparently has not, when I saw this blue, Camaro with Xmas lights on, speeding like he was after a hot tamales truck on Thanksgiving Day at Tia’s house, because you don’t want to go to my anonymous Tia’s house and eat her tamales.  Just trust me on that one.

I know, not fair.  I agree.  This time and age, there should not be any undercover police pulling anyone over.  That @#$%^ was ok in the 70-90’s, but there are too many hoodlums impersonating police officers with unmarked cars and Xmas lights hurting law-abiding folks like you and me.  Nonetheless, he pulled the truck over and proceeded to do what cops do.  Right, shoot the driver.  NO!!!! I mean no!!!!  You know get and ID and ask if he had been drinking, raping or stuff like that.  NO!!!!!! I mean no!!!!! You know, get an ID and ask cop questions, whatever those questions may be.  Exactly! “)

So, I was a bit inconvenience because one, it’s my happy birthday and I don’t want to see Xmas lights.  Two, that sign is as old as dirt and we all know that is a speed trap, because you’re hauling @& & out of the depressway and trying to ease transition to oncoming traffic and must make the move and can’t possibly go to 45 mph porque te aplastan!!!! Three, no three, just one and two.

So, I did what I do best.  I callously ignored the situation because it was none of my b’ness, and it was my happy birthday.  So I went into meditation mode and concentrated on the following thought:  Breathe, none of your b’ness.  Breathe, none of your b’ness, as I passed the PoPo and the driver with my video running- you never know, it might just sell.  I can’t help it! It’s the entrepreneur in me.

When right in front of me!  Yeap more Xmas lights and low and behold a truck and an SUV vehicle parts and fumes cluttered the road that for our safety had to be shut down.  I’m not sure what happened? But it seemed like the white truck T-boned the SUV.  If I’m right, then the white truck came down from the “45 mph” ramp onto oncoming traffic and may have had to speed up to overcome traffic and T-boned the SUV.  Eerie quiet was the atmosphere as I approached the site.  No, not as a Samaritan, just trying to squeeze on to my happy birthday.  Don’t even try to make me feel bad because you can’t.  Plus there were too many qualified firefighters, and EMT’s on the scene but were not moving too fast and you know what that means……

I did not want to check, but there might have been a fatality or two.  Maybe that ramp should not be there…..It’s too close to the traffic light.

Then it hit me! When did I become such an insensitive @$$^&*(e just trying to get to my happy birthday? IMG_1622 Is it the new me?

Salsa Pig by Mambo Chismoso