Salsa Skills

I saw this guy with Salsa skills. He was with a girl who was wearing a tight skirt up her hooha, and high heels, 4 inch at least. Soon, the club began to resonate with the sound of the Clave. Was it a 2-3 Clave or 3-2 Clave? Don’t be too technical, just follow it. He enthusiastically grabbed her and took center stage of the dance floor, as we who also enjoy the sound, looked on. No, I take it back; the girls were looking while the Salsa boys were perusing the club looking for a Salsa dancing prey. Me! Me! Me!
So he tried a basic steps, a couple of turns and a spin. She of course, was clueless, as in Salsa clueless. She was so excited to be on the dance floor, and was eager to learn the steps. He brought it down a notch and did a basic step and a right turn, and she was of course still clueless, as in Salsa clueless. He then brought it down yet another notch, and did a basic step and what looked like a cross body lead out of the dance floor as he nodded to her “no, no, no.”
She kept asking him to teach her but he just kept nodding his head “no, no, no.” He is not being mean. You cannot learn Salsa Dancing on a Spring night after a couple of shots of Tequila or Vodka. I’m not judging. I’m just saying. I lost tract of him because the DJ’s were merciless for they played, Salsa, Bachata, and Merenge until it was time to close the club doors.
I saw the guy one more time that night. It was on my way out of the club. He was drinking his sorrows away as his body swayed in perfect timing to the Clave in the company of the girl with the tight skirt up her hooha, and the heels, 4 inch at least. He was miserable.
Girls, get your learn on, as in Salsa or the boy you are with will be leaving you at home. I’m only telling you this because I luv you.


Author: Aztk Prncss

Aztec Princess : The views and opinions are my own. A writer of life in general- no matter the topic/politics- yeap. This is the Social Personality of a girl who endured a devastating blow to her personal, and professional life brought on by individuals and or persons who by their actions manifested a personal storm of cataclysmic proportions which caused her to lose everything she worked for and almost claimed her life. The name Salsa Pig came from her love of Salsa Dancing, and her inability to lose the extra lbs due to the unbelievable Stress she endured. Whatever is going on in your life, stay strong, stay positive, and always remember: I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me- Philippians 4:13 Be Not Afraid: Isaiah 41:10 Share the love, and link: All my love, Aztec Princess by Shiloh Hunter

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